Volunteering for BAS

BAS is very thankful for volunteers who would like to support us!    However, BAS does not support „Voluntourism”, in our definition that means people who just want to come for a short time, take some pictures with “poor African kids” and think they can “save” these kids in a couple of weeks or months. We are especially not open for volunteers on a short notice who quickly want to add a bit of social work to their CVs. BAS is an established institution that is working very well (although there is always something that can be improved) and has seen many volunteers coming and going since 2010. We really do appreciate that people want to volunteer for us, but we would also like to ask volunteers to be realistic about their expectations and to respect that BAS was there before them and will hopefully be there long time after them. To give one example (if this is a bit exaggerated, it’s to make the point), of course all the kids will love you if you give sweets or even money to them every day and you will get great pictures for your Facebook account or so, but are you really HELPING the kids…??? Or is this more about yourself getting attention? Please don’t misunderstand us, we are sure that most volunteers have good intentions and that some are just not aware of their behavior, all we want is that volunteers come with realistic expectations. We don’t support volunteers for a few weeks, as the work permit (that you need even if you are just volunteering) is a big issue and is taking away too much of our precious time for our children. However, we do encourage people to VISIT us and to spend some time with us in order to get to know our program. Visitors are people who come to get to know Namibia and who would also like to pay a visit to BAS. Please announce your visit beforehand, so that we can attend to you accordingly.

If you would really like to volunteer for a few months or even a full year, please apply several months beforehand (for the weltwärts year even the year before), so that the work permit issue can be sorted on time. The same applies to internships. Please note that you cannot expect any financial support or even accommodation from our side. Our money goes 100% to the children, so we cannot support foreign volunteers financially.

Contact: volunteer@basketball-artists.com

Volunteers from Germany can get more information on the weltwärts program here:


An application for a weltwärts year is only possible through our partner organization:



(Please apply already in the year before you want to volunteer!)