Wilbeforce Tuhafeni Iyambo
DOB: 2006
School: Mandume Primary School

My name is Wilbeforce Iyambo. I am 13 years old. I school at Mandume Primary School and I am in grade 7B. I was born in Windhoek 2006 and I am living in Shandumbala. I live with my mother, uncle, brother, aunty, grandmother and my grandfather.

When I started to be a part of BAS I went for the school selection first. The coaches selected me and my parents were proud of me.

BAS has done for me a lot of things. BAS takes care of me and also my school work.

About my future plans, I want to become a pilot because I want to be taking people from one country to another country. It is not easy to be a pilot because you need to know mathematics. I want to get a scholarship after I am done studying. I will be driving some jets or planes. I want to have 2 children, one girl and one boy. I will only have children when I am married to my wife.

My house will have 4 cars, one jet and one plane. The two cars are for my children. I teach them how to drive a jet. I give BAS one jet of mine, so they can travel to another country without having to pay other people for it. When you want to travel to another country you just have to call me for BAS people it’s free. They took care of me so I take care of them.