Tireemukuru Tony Toromba
Age: 2001
School: Immanuel Shifidi Secondary School

My name is Tiree Toromba. I am 18 years old and I am in grade 11 at Immanuel Shifidi School.

I was born in Otjiu, a small town in Okunene region. I live in Windhoek, Khomasdal with my uncle and cousin. I don’t really communicate with my mum because of the distance between us, so I am closely related to my Dad and my stepmother. My dad retired a year ago and he is now living in the West. I am really happy with my family and they are really supportive.

The first time I started playing basketball when I was in grade 3. BAS volunteers and Frank would come to my school everyday during break and give us Basketball practice. I went on with this training until I was selected for NBF practise, which was every Tuesday and Thursday. I was part of the first Juniors to be selected for BAS, when it was still at football for hope.

BAS has done a lot for me, especially with education. BAS gives me tutorial classes every day. Because of BAS I got travel to Lesotho and Botswana with the national team.

My plans for the future are finishing and passing my grade 12 next year and go studying engineering at the Namibian University of Science and Technology.