Theresia Vaino
DOB: 2006
School: Mandume Primary School

My name is Theresia Vaino. I am 13 years old. I school at Mandume Primary School. I am in grade 7B which is the oshindonga class. I love Mandume Primary School because it taught me since grade 2 and I will never forget it. I really love it so much. I was born in the village with my grandmother and father, but the biggest thing that broke my heart is my grandfather passed away in 2017. Since I was born I never sucked from my mothers breast, the doctor told her that she had something in her blood which my grandmother didn’t tell me until today. I am a girl who lives in Otjomuise with my uncle and my aunt. We are 9 people in the house.

It was my uncle who said that I must join basketball. If it wasn’t for my uncle I could not be part of BAS. Even my grandmother said that I must quit, but I told her basketball is my life and I cannot just quit like that and it helped me become better in my school work. When I became a member of the BAS family, first we used to train at school. After the training at school we came for the open program.

BAS taught me a lot of things like how to become good in school work. This is the best sport ever.

When I grow up I want to become a coach for basketball and my job is being a teacher.