Robinho Roward Nuwuseb
DOB: 2006
School: People's Primary Schoool

My name is Robinho R. Nuwuseb and I am 13 years old. I school at People’s Primary School and I am in grade 7C. I live in Namibia in a location called Herero location, I was born on the 16th January 2006. I have six siblings and my mother is a secretary and my father is a business man.

I became a part of BAS in 2017 at school when the coaches came and taught us basketball. They told us about BAS and all the wonderful things they do to help learners, so I started joining open program. Every Tuesdays and Fridays I would go there to learn basketball until I was selected for trials at school. When I went to BAS for the first time I was cared of everyone and I was very nervous. But when I met coach Frank everything changed. I was not longer scared anymore because he helped me to become more self-motivated, since that day I never stopped coming to BAS.

BAS helped me to achieve my goals like being on television and newspapers. I used to run around on the streets when the school was out, I didn’t do my homework. But BAS changed all of that, now my friends come to me to help them with their homework. BAS is a wonderful place. We work as a family.

I want to become a doctor to help my family and the citizens of Namibia. That’s why I study hard each day to become a doctor. I’ll not stop until I finish my dream of becoming a doctor.