Pedro Pasile
DOB: 2001
School: Dawid Bezoidenhout High school

My name is Pedro Vasco Pasile and I am 18 years old. I school at Dawid Beyuidenhout High School and I am in grade 9. I was born in Windhoek on the 22nd of March 2001. I live with my mother, sisters, brothers and cousins. My dad left us when I was still a young boy., hope where ever he is, he is happy. My living condition at home is great because I have all my basic needs. My mother is our breadwinner and she is always there for us. I have 3 brothers and one sister. My sister is also our breadwinner and she is like our second mother. They made me who I am.

I started practising at school and later I joined an NBF project on Thursdays and Fridays. We went trough different coaches like Coach Pondo and Coach Frank. Coach Frank is like a father to me and he was always there for us at BAS. When I became part of BAS, BAS was situated at the place for football for hope.

BAS has done a lot of things. Through BAS I improved my academic grades and my way to speak to other people. BAS helped me to become a good role model. I became a good basketball player.

My plans for the future are to finish school and go to university. I want to work hard and become someone in my future. I want to become my family’s new breadwinner and let my mother rest. I want to give something back to BAS for what they did for me trough the years.