Ndapewa Johannes
DOB: 2005
School: People's Primary School

My name is Ndapewa Johannes. I am 14 years old and I school at People’s Primary School. I am in grade 7.
I was born in the north. I was with my mother and father at that time. I live in the hostel and sometimes at Green area. My family situation is very good. I have one brother and I have four sisters. One of my sisters died so I only have 3 sisters now.

I became part of BAS because I was very hard working every day and also I was following the rules that they told me. I was responsible and successful and I often came to the program.BAS helped me in maths and English at school. BAS makes me not to sleep everyday and to work. It also made me to be a working and fit person and take care of my health.

My future plans are to have a goof house and meet a good person who will be with me everyday of my life. This person will help me in good times and in bad times. I also want to have my children that they like me. I will be coming to play basketball with my family at BAS. I will give one car of mine to BAS and I will help BAS with money and things. I also want to become a teacher when I grow up to help my family. I want to make them and myself happy and proud.