Nandeekua Mungunda
DOB: 2005
School: Hage Giengob Secondary School

My name is Nandeekua Mungwda and I am the second child of five children in my family.I was born on the 31st January 2005 at the Katutura Hospital in Windhoek/Namibia. I was born when my parents were still getting their degrees. That’s the reason why I spent the first years of my life living with my grandmother. I was a ball of energy and always hyperactive.

I am at A.I. Steenkamp school since I’m seven years old. I started playing basketball at the open program and in 2015 I have been selected for the BAS program. At the beginning we were couched by Coach Frank and he taught us all the basics. My first two years at BAS were very rough. I thought about leaving the program but I didn’t because the people at BAS really care about a person and about his or her future. BAS teaches us in Math, English and Life Skills. We also have volunteer from Germany who changes every year. Actually we’re having computer lesson in our computer lab at our library.

BAS has done a big role in my education because without BAS I would not know all the things I know today. BAS also teaches us to respect our environment. In Life Skills we learn many things about fairness and Aunt Oustwa gives us history lessons. BAS has also led me to my first trophy in the school league.
BAS is a place where you learn things you need to know in the future. It’s a place where everyone is treated equally.