Mirjam Erasmus
DOB: 2006
school: People's Primary School

My name is Mirjam Erasmus. I am 13 years old and I school at People’s Primary School. I am in grade 7E. I was born in the north of Namibia, in a village called onamunama and I live currently in Windhoek in a place called Havana. Apart from that I am staying in the hostel. In my family there is not much of a situation but the problem is that my mom doesn’t work. She is still looking for a job. I hope she gets a great job! I have only one sister.

Before I became to be a part of BAS I started joining open program where many of our school learners were taking part. I started open program and it was only on Tuesdays and Fridays. I took the program serious. There was a selection from BAS that they needed learners from People’s Primary School, Mandume Primary School and A.I. Steenkamp Primary School. We got selected and started coming to practise on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. First we wrote assignments in maths and English before the BAS invited our Parents to come to the BAS. My mom had no time to come to the meeting. So one of the coaches came to our house and had a meeting with my mom there. After that I started coming to BAS.

What BAS has done for me is that many of us when we came to BAS we could not even pronounce some words properly but now we are getting there. BAS helped me in bad and good situations. We eat and play basketball as well as maths and English as well as life skills. BAS also helped me achieve goals like being on Television, Newspapers and Facebook.

My plan for my future is to become a dentist to help those with tooth problems and gums. All I want in my future is that I study very hard and become someone in life. To help my mom and small sister because my mom was the only and will be the only person I’ll support first, secondly BAS who helped me in good and bad times. I am thankful to god that because of his grace I am at BAS today.