Matheus Ndeshipanda Taapopi
DOB: 2006
School: Hochland High School

My name is Matheus, my surname is Taapopi. I’m thirteen years old and I’m currently in grade eight at Hochland High School.

I live with both my parents, two sister, three cousins and one nephew. I live in Greenwell. I was born in Windhoek, Central Hospital. I love my country very much, because this is my home. I love my family so much because they’re so supportive and care so much about me, my future and education. My family supports most of my decisions, but when they’re wrong they correct me and tell me what to do in the future so that I don’t repeat the same mistake.
BAS has done a lot for me. It all started of when the made me part of their program. Since then I became part of the BAS family. It’s one of the best families one could ask for. It’s a family where people love, correct and care for each other. BAS has taught me a lot of values such as Reliability, Responsibility, commitment, quality, hard work and team work. BAS has also helped me Academically since grade four. BAS helped me physically by helping improve my basketball skills.

My future plans are to always be part of BAS because it’s my academical support. After I’m done with school I will go to university and I will be studying accounting. So that when I get money, I will be able to support BAS. Just to show my appreciation and also to show that I really care and appreciate all the work they did for me.