Kristofina Amwele
DOB: 2006
School: Mandume Primary School

My name is Kristofina Amwele. I was born in Windhoek on the 21st April 2016. I am a 13 years old girl. I school at Mandume Primary School and I am a grade 7 learner. My mom passed away when I was 7 years old then I came to live with my aunt and uncle here in Windhoek. I have two sisters and two brothers, and I am the last born.
So you are probably wondering how I became part of BAS. The basketball coaches came to our school and asked if there is anyone who wants to play basketball. I was like: basketball… maybe I can join them and start playing basketball. They gave us papers for our parents. I started coming to open program where they would teach us how to play basketball. They also taught us other thinks like concentrate on our education. I became part of BAS because I improved in my basketball skills and I was serious about my education. That how I became part of BAS.
BAS is the most important thing in my life. It is the best family in my life. It changed my life in many cases. One of these cases is helping me in tough situations. One of that situation is about the BAS Rookie girls. We used to argue a lot and we used to cry over little things but now we don’t argue that much and we don’t cry over little things. I thank BAS for that an mostly Coach Ramah.
In the future I want to become a doctor and I am studying really hard to achieve my goals. I want to study in South Africa. I know that I will come back to BAS as a coach some day.
Education first – Basketballl second