Javier Nghishilenapo
DOB: 2002
School: Academia Secondary School

My name is Javier Nghishilenapo. I am 17 years old and I am currently in grade 10 at Academia secondary school. I live with my aunt, brother and sister. I love playing basketball. I was picked for BAS in grade 4 what means for me the following: I come directly from school to BAS, get lunch and after lunch I get classes for my subjects. At 16h00 I plaz basketball till 17h00 and afterwards I go home.

I live in greenwell matango Eveline street. My parents passed away in 2010, by that time I was grade 3. I am Oshiwambo but most of the time we speak English at home.

My brother is an IT technician, my aunt is a councillor and my sister is still in primary school in grade 4.

I repeated grade 8.