Giovanni Rivaldo Gawub
DOB: 2002
School:Eldorado Secondary School

My name is Giovanni Gawub, I am 17 years old and I am schooling at Eldorado Secondary School. Actually, I am in grade 9 and I am a basketball player. Everyday after school I attend to a basketball school named Basketball Artist School (BAS). At BAS our program includes lunch, tutorials and basketball.

I started coming to BAS in 2014. BAS is a really nice place to spend part of your time at. It has carried me from grom 2014 till now and the people there gives me a lot of attention and I really love coming to BAS. If I wouldn’t be part of BAS I would maybe be a street kid, or a mafia, or even died because Katutura is not good.

BAS taught me moral values such as responsibilities, honesty, qualify, teamwork and hard work. I prefer to follow these moral values because I know it will take me somewhere far in life and it’s one of the best choices I made.

At my house I live together with 4 people. I live together with my two brothers, my mom and my dad. We are very happy at our house, we share information and communicate very freely.

In my Future I want to study millwright in South Africa.