Germanus (Ngatji )Tjitamunisa
School: Windhoek Technical High School

My name is Ngatikare (Germanus) Tjitamunisa and I live in herero location in Katutura. I live together with my brothers. Most of time my mother is not around so I take care of my small brothers. I school at Technical High School.

I was at People’s Primary School when two coaches came to our school and announced an open program for basketball. Back than I was in the hostel so me and a couple of friends wanted to be part of it. It took us a whole year to be selected but some of my friends were not selected because they didn’t take care of their school work and had poor results.

BAS changed my life, I was taught how to be responsible and how to treat the way I want to be treated. Looking at my old friends and the way they behave and what they do, I say BAS has saved me. We get help with our homework and get tutorial classes at BAS.