Foibe Kandalindishiwo Elago
DOB: 2005
School: Immanuel Shifidi Secondary School

I’m a girl who was born in 2004 in the north in Tsandi in the Omusati region. My name is Foibe Kandalindishiwo Ndina Elago. I was brought up by my uncle and his wife. I was born alone and don’t have any brothers and sisters on my own, but I have grown up knowing my cousins as my brothers and sisters. I do not liv with my mother neither do I know father. I grew up knowing my uncle as my father. We share a very close relationship with each other and he takes good care of me. I don’t really like it when someone speaks badly about my uncle because he is like a father to me. Currently I am in grade 8 at Immanuel Shifidi Secondary school in Katutura.

I came to Windhoek at the age of five to live with my lovely uncle and his fantastic family in Okuryangava. My uncle sent me to a school where I have to learn Afrikaans and Damara in Rehoboth. There I stayed in a hostel. I found it very difficult because I was the only Oshiwambo speaking person in our class. I had to repeat grade 2 because I failed in Damara.

In 2014 my uncle decided to remove me from the hostel and bring me back to Windhoek. I was very excited and at the same time heartbroken because I had to leave my friends behind.My uncle sent me to P.P.S (People Primary School) where my cousins was schooling. In 2016 I became part of the BAS family. Coaches came to our school to find new people who are interested in playing basketball. I was really excited even tough I was scared that I might not have friends. I thought very wrong about BAS at the beginning. It turned out that BAS is a good place to stay, have fun and do homework.
BAS is a place like home. The people here are very kind, caring and loving. They are the ones who help me with my homework when I don’t understand. Even if I don’t know my own father and just know his name, BAS is the place where I can get father and mother’s love and I have a lot of brothers and sisters here. They love and care for me and so do I.

BAS gives us the motivation and it is a wonderful place where you can stay. The most important thing at BAS is our education. The BAS fathers and mothers are Coach Ramah, Coach Malakia, Uncle Immanuel, Aunt Lucia and Aunt Caroline. We are a family of many different people from different ethnical groups, but we put our differences aside and work as one.

What BAS has done for me can not be explained in words because it has played a very big role in my life. BAS has helped me improve my Math, English and Life Skills. BAS teaches us how to be responsible, reliable and respectful. To become a responsible citizen of Namibia.
I thank the lord that I was one of the chosen kids to be part of this wonderful family. I enjoy spending most of my time at BAS even tough the make us do hard practice.

My plan for the future is to finish my studies and to make my dad/uncle happy and proud of me. I would like to help those who have helped me in the past and in my present, those who are also going to also help motivate me in the future.
To achieve what I want to be in life I have to study hard, stay away from drugs, bad friends and also look after my health and appreciate what I have.