Ella Andima
DOB: 2006
School: Immanuel Shifidi Secondary School

My name is Ella Andima. I am 13 years old and I school at Immanuel Shifidi Secondary School. I am in grade 8. I live in Goreangab dam with my mom, three aunties and five cousins and my uncle. I live in a double story house and I sleep alone in my room. My family is fun and caring. They help you when you need help and we do chores together. They treat me the same way I treat them which is good. They always tell me to study hard and to be a role model to my small cousins because the big one drops out of school.I was born in Walvis Bay on the 6th of March in 2005. And I was raised in Windhoek. My mother always tells me to study hard so that I can build my own house and buy a car. My mom always motivates me to study hard. She also taught me the right things. She always get me something for my birthday and tries to make me a better child. My mom is the best mom that I could wish for. I am a child that is raised only by one parent – My mom.

I started playing basketball in grade 5 when I was 11 years old. BAS came to my school and choose some of the kids for their program. I was also one of the chosen people. Then we started going to a program called open program. There were coaches who taught us kids how to play basketball. Then I got a letter saying that I am in the trials. There were a lot of kids. And the last day at the trials we were been announced. The kids that had made it. I was not part of them so I was very sad and I proved the coaches wrong. By starting all over and practising my drills. I was always on time, listened to the coaches and did what they say.

Then the trials started again and I was chosen again. This time I was serious and sure that I will become one of the BAS Kids. Then I had qualified to be a part of BAS and I was very happy.

BAS has done a lot of things in my life. It helped me to stay away from bad friends. To trust one another. To treat others the way you want to be treated. And to do out school things first before we do anything else. I have improved in subjects that I was bad at and now I am good at them.
BAS helped me in tough situations such as family decisions and they told me to be confident and tell my family about my opinion. I was also taught that I can open up to the ones I love and not to keep the sadness in my heart. If BAS wasn’t there, I don’t know what I would be doing now.
BAS is offering us everything. In my future I want to be a successful doctor and help sick people who are out there. I want to have a good job for doctors and go to my family and help them. I will stay with my mom and make her the queen of my house because she is the light to my world and I love her very, very much. And I also want to come back to BAS and return the good things they have done for me and my brothers and sisters.
BAS will always be a family that loves and cares about everyone.