Darlino Kinda
DOB: 2006
School: People's Primary School

My name is Darlino Kinda. I am 13 years old. I am in grade 7. I was born on the 17th November 2015 in the Democratic Republic Congo. My mother is Congolese, and my father is from Angola. I was staying in Angola until I came to Namibia. I am schooling at People’s Primary School. I am not sure which school is going to be my next school after I will finish my primary education this year. I am living at Freedomland. I stay there with my mother, father and my sisters. I am the first born, so I have to take care of everybody.
One day the BAS organisation came to my school and asked the kids if they would like to be part of it. I was interested so I started to come every day to BAS until I was selected to be a real part of it. I am a Rookie now and next year I will be a Junior.
BAS helps me to get better at my basketball skills. BAS also helps me to stay away from bad people and to stay focused on my school work and my basketball skills.
My future plan is to finish school and graduate. I want to become a professional basketball player and show everybody how good I am. I want to be better then Kevin Durant, Kyrie and LeBron. I want to be the best basketball player.