Strategic Objective 3

“Reach out to young community members enhancing their appreciation of their lives through sports activities with the focus on basketball.”

Leagues (KBA men & women)

Number of Beneficiaries: 30 players serving two teams
Male: 15
Female: 15
Brief description: The BAS has a men’s and ladies team participating in the Khomas Basketball senior leagues respectively. The purpose is to develop young talent and to expose them to high level of competition. Many of our players have played for the Namibia National teams from the age groups of U17, U20.

Daily practice

Number of Beneficiaries:60 players
Male: 25
Female: 35
Brief description: We train and develop basketball daily as our sports activity, our goal is developing elite basketball players. Through sports we can nature and develop the child’s mind into a responsible athlete.

Open programme

Number of Beneficiaries: 150 participants in a semester
Female: 70
Brief description: We provide basketball training to any age group that are willing to learn basketball, it’s open to anyone in the community and we operate in Katutura and Khomasdal.

 PE support to surrounding schools

Number of Beneficiaries: 1000 per annum
Male: 500
Female: 500
Brief description: Basketball lesions during P.E period is offered to schools that we partner with, mainly PPS, and Mandume and AIS primary school, we only focus on primary schools grade 5. We do it for a term. We teach basic skills of basketball to learners during the 40 minutes period.

DHPS clinic

Number of Beneficiaries: 50 t0 100
Brief description: It’s a basketball camp that BAS will conduct, we will teach basic and advanced basketball skills to individuals, our objective is to share our expertise to others and to fundraise for BAS.

Eenhana clinic

Number of Beneficiaries: 110 per annum
Male: 80
Female: 30
Brief description: BAS conducts players and coaching clinics for school going kids and teachers, it’s a project initiated by German donors, it focuses on the aspect of developing young people in life skills through basketball. We conduct clinics that offer life skills sessions mostly with HIV & AIDS topics.

BB4life clinic

Number of Beneficiaries: 60
Male: 50
Female: 10 Brief description: BAS provides training to coaches and teachers on the manual created by GIZ and German donors called the basketball 4 life Manual. Which enables coaches how to teach life skills through using basketball.

Junior Coaches Clinics

Number of Beneficiaries:20 per annum
Male: 15
Female: 5
Brief description: We provide training to students and teachers who have some basics in basketball and who would like to pursue in coaching a young team, these are usually participants who have never coached and want to acquire some basic knowledge in basketball.


Number of Beneficiaries: 30 per week
Male: 18
Brief description: BAS has a gym that operates from Monday till Saturday, most of the gym users are BAS participants and coaches but it can be used by other groups when requested.