Strategic Objective 1

“Assist children and young people in their school education and general knowledge.”

Academic tutoring

Number of Beneficiaries: 60 grade 5 to grade 12 leaners per annum
Male: 35
Female: 25
Brief description: We provide a comprehensive daily tutoring during school days for grade 5 to grade 12. The academic tutoring system is a corner stone of BAS pillar hence our motto Education First Basketball second. The subjects we provide tutoring are: English, Maths, Physical Science, Life Science, Biology, Accounting, Geography and Economics.

Computer literacy training

Number of Beneficiaries: 80 trainees per annum
Male: 30 Female: 50
Brief description: We equip all participants with the basic skills on how to use and operate a personal computer. Participants get hands on training in the Microsoft office suite package e.g. MS Word, MS excel, MS Powerpoint etc. Internet and emails.

Identification of new Gr 5-6 Rookies

Number of Beneficiaries: 15
Male: 6 Female: 9
Brief description: This practice is to recruit new participants into the BAS program. The Rookies are grade 5 and grade 6 and they are from our partner schools which are People’s primary school (PPS), AI Steenkamp primary school and Mandume primary school. The participants are selected on three criteria’s a child from a disadvantaged background, academic performance and potential basketball skills.


Number of Beneficiaries: 30 per day
Male: 13 Female: 17
Brief description: The BAS library creates the ideal environment for members to read books, do homework, play board games and to relax BAS Library operates throughout the year from Monday to Saturday.

Computer access & internet

Number of Beneficiaries: 20 users per day
Male: 12 Female: 8
Brief description: BAS offers free computer use and internet access for all users. The computer lab & internet gives our users the opportunity to use ICT tools to do school projects, researches and to keep updated with the latest internet tools.

School liaison

Feedback: There is continuous communication between BAS and its partner schools. In total, we have 11 Partner schools which cater for primary and high school all together, BAS builds rapport through meetings, telephone conversation, official letters and email communication. We have excess to all semester reports to monitor and evaluate our children’s academic performance.

Rookie selection: Our rookie selection is a 3-month trial process, BAS requests for PE sessions for grade 5 and grade 6 learners at their respective schools. It is a comprehensive process we train and evaluate potential rookies who are shortlist for pre-selection to become part of BAS. BAS coaches access players through the qualities of commitment, hard work, responsibility, reliability and quality.