Strategic Objective 2

“Promote a healthy lifestyle through life skills.”

School children nutrition programme

Number of Beneficiaries: 80 Children fed each semester daily
Male: 45
Female: 35
Brief description: BAS has a daily feeding program for all participants, we believe good nutrition is key to ensure that our children performance is at peak levels at all times this is also developmental to the growth development of a child.

Life skills sessions

Number of Beneficiaries:120 participants
Male: 65
Female: 55
Brief description: At BAS we believe every day is life skills as we tackle social issue, child behaviour on a day to day basis, however BAS has a structured life skills program motivated to ensure that our children are equipped and knowledgable with pressing social matters and that they have the right tools to make the best decisions for the future.

Open talks – cooperation with NFA

Number of Beneficiaries: 40 participants each session
Female: 21
Brief description: Open talks are platforms used to engage the senior youth groups to discuss and tackle direct social issues that affect their life’s. These talks give’s participants an opportunity to share their feelings and thoughts thus enabling them to make informed decisions.

Training (Leadership Training)

Number of Beneficiaries: 40
Male: 15
Female: 25
Brief description: Participants will receive a 2 days training in leadership skills which will be conducted by a guest speaker that does leadership training for young people.

Career week

Number of Beneficiaries: 28
Male: 13
Female: 15
Brief description: The career week is a resourceful program for juniors and senior groups get the opportunity to study and interact with career profession people to give them advice and equip their minds with knowledge and tools on how to pursue their dreams and become accomplished citizens.

Holiday programme

Number of Beneficiaries: 30 participants daily
Male: 13
Female: 17
Brief description: BAS holiday program provides a sanctuary for all available participants during the holiday. The program is for the children to come and keep themselves actively busy at BAS then being at bored or in the streets of Katutura doing nothing constructive.

Saturday programme

Number of Beneficiaries: 20 participants weekly
Male: 13
Female: 7
Brief description: The weekly Saturday program is for children to attend BAS and entertain themselves through various activities of their choice. We promote the Saturday program as it provides flexibility to our children.

BAS got talent

Number of Beneficiaries: 60 participants
Male: 25
Female: 35
Brief description: BAS got talent is a creative idea by the BAS children to host a talent show where they can all show case their talents through dancing, acting and stand-up comedy, through these activities we enjoy an evening filled with laughter and joy.